Law School Exam Poll

Last Spring, Dan S. offered this impressive roundup of Spring-time exam blogging. It’s about that time again, and already two Prawfs have weighed in. As I’m currently taking a break from imagining new ways to breach sacred contractual obligations, I thought it would be about that time to post an exam-related poll.

The question for today is: which of these news stories is going to be used (in modified form) on the most first-year law school exams this semester. Additional suggestions are welcome in the comments.

Which news story will be adapted most often?
The Borat Litigation
Some OJ Simpson Hook
State Referrenda on Affirmative Action/Gay Civil Rights
When is a sandwich a burrito?
Katrina: Interpretation of the Flood Contracts
Zoning Out Sex Offenders
IPod (a breach of warranty question)
Big Dig as Mass Tort
Bodybuilder Sues Pat Robertson for a Commercial Tort
Sunscreen Manufacturers Sued for Misleading Advertising
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