Counter-cyclical journals, Redux

It’s December . . . do you know where your counter-cyclical journals are?

I realize that the conventional wisdom (as articulated, for example, by some yahoo a few years ago) is that “submitting an article in December is the functional equivalent of dropping it off a bridge.” But for every rule there is an exception. And so we asked this question six months ago, and we ask it again, now.

If you’re a journal editor and your journal is actively pursuing articles right now, please weigh in in the comments. If you’re an author who just (in the past month or so) received an offer from a journal, feel free to sound off as well.

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3 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    The Annals of Health Law is taking submissions until today (Dec. 29).

    UCLA Law Review says it will start taking submissions on January 1, but won’t do expedites until January 29.

    Also, various journals are still taking submissions for their symposia issue:

    Indiana Law Review (Church and State), from now until late January

    New York City Law Review (Guantonomo), from now until January 15

    Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (Chinese Environmental Law), from now until January 15

    Some others with more nebulous dates:

    Indiana Law Journal — claims it will start taking submissions in December 2006

    Lewis & Clark Law Review — “beginning in January 2007”

    Case Western Reserve Law Review — “January”

    BYU Law Review — “January”

  2. Steve says:

    I’d be interested in what authors put in their cover letters. Obviously, a description of the submission, but at what length? Does it really matter that one details in the cover letter how the submission differs from existing scholarship?

  3. Dan Jacobs says:

    The Albany Environmental Outlook Journal is actively seeking submissions.