who can resist that face??

Tyler 2.jpg

Apropos of pretty much nothing, I thought I’d share a picture of my adorable mutt, Tyler. I just adopted him this past August. As one of my friends says – Tyler is of “unknown but surely disreputable origin.” My guess is he’s part greyhound, maybe some springer spaniel, maybe some dalmation.

I note also that this is not Tyler’s first appearance in the blogosphere – he once made a cameo appearance in a Jurisdynamics post, courtesy of Jim Chen.

Finally, in an effort to give this post some socially useful content, I would highly recommend to any prospective pet owners out there that you consider adopting your furry (or feathered, or scaled) friend from a shelter. Petfinder.com is a wonderful, nationwide resource. That’s how I found Tyler. Just go to the site, type in your zip code and other requested info., and they’ll link you up to info. on local shelter pets that match your interests.

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8 Responses

  1. anon says:

    great site! and get that cute pooch on dogster!

  2. Bruce Boyden says:

    The title of your post reminds me of this classic Onion article:


  3. Heidi Kitrosser says:

    Bruce, that article is hilarious! I confess that I constantly ask my dog: “who’s my good boy? Who’s my good boy?” And surely the poor thing is thinking, “just hand over the treat, lady, would you???”

  4. Ann Bartow says:

    Your dog is very cute. I’ll restrain myself from being an overly competitive sort and posting a picture of mine! Her name is Reno, after Janet Reno, as Janet Reno got confirmed as AG a day or twe before I adopted my Reno, who if you do the math is now a bit elderly in dog years. Not every woman would be flattered to have a dog named after her, but you have to figure Janet Reno would, right? I was lucky enough to be able to confirm this in person several years ago. See how I’m managed to switch topic to my dog, while pretending I wasn’t overly competitive? Dang. Not even smooth. Anyway, nice photo. I don’t think you’ll ever regret adding him to your life.

  5. Heidi Kitrosser says:

    Hi Ann! I too had the good fortune to meet Janet Reno once and I could very much imagine her getting a big kick out of the fact that you named your dog after her. 🙂 I didn’t choose Tyler’s name, since I adopted him when he was over a year old and his foster family had already named him. But it turned out well — I’ve always loved The Mary Tyler Moore Show (reruns, mind you, given that it began airing before I was born), and what with my living in Minneapolis, home of WJM and all, having a dog named Tyler is perfect.

    Having a dog is wonderful, although I DID come home today to find my copy of Geoffrey Stone’s “Perilous Times” (a really great book on the 1st Amendment in wartime) chewed up. I suppose that Tyler, too, is drawn to constitutional law, and this was his only outlet to express that …

  6. Ann Bartow says:

    Who can turn the Prof on with his (furry) smile?

    Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

    Why, it’s you, dog, and you should know it!

    With each bark, and every little tail wag you show it!

    Squirrels are all around, no need to fake it!

    You can have a bone, why don’t you take it?

    You’re gonna make it after all!!!

    Heidi, you do have a beret to toss, right?

  7. Heidi Kitrosser says:

    That’s excellent, Ann! I’ll have to work on getting that beret … and then practicing the toss …

  8. Meg K. says:

    Tyler is such a sweet cutie!

    And Petfinder is indeed a wonderful resource. I used it to find and adopt a pair of kittens, also in August, and they are without a doubt the cutest and best cats in the world.