Punishment At The New School

Today I’m headed to the New School for Social Research, in NYC, for a conference entitled Punishment: The U.S. Record. The lineup is excellent, and includes folks like Michael Tonry, Jonathan Simon, Bernard Harcourt, Todd Clear, and David Garland, among others.

Attending this conference is one of the perks of my move to Drexel. Living in Alabama, the decision to attend a conference in New York – even for two days – was freighted with anxieties over early commitments (to snare lower airfares) and dealing with travel hassles. My office at Drexel is a ten minute walk from Thirtieth Street Station. Portal to Portal, the trip from Drexel to The New School costs me about an hour and fifty minutes – roughly the same as it took for me to get in my car, drive to the Birmingham airport, and board the plane. Advance planning consists of a five-minute-in-advance purchase. And I won’t have to fold myself into one of those crummy regional jets. This way, I can focus on broader issues of punishment, rather than just my own.

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2 Responses

  1. Doug B. says:

    Will you live-blog or post reports?

  2. Al says:

    Ah, the geography of scholarship.