America, The (Less) Exceptional

I have the sense that, for the past few years, people in other countries – and particularly Europe – have begun to see Americans as truly exceptional. And not in a good way. As the European public grew increasingly troubled by Iraq, many people across the pond wondered whether Americans were so cocky, so self-assured, that they were incapable of rational thought about our international affairs. How could Americans not understand the problems with American Iraq policies?

Well, we may be a bit slower to speak out – it is, after all, our war, and it is awfully hard to abandon (and, implicity, discredit) a policy for which so many Americans have sacrificed. But in the end, Americans are less exceptional than others around the globe might have thought. Our citizens have now spoken out, critically, about the Administration’s Iraq strategy. If nothing else, I hope this is reassuring to the rest of the world. We all have to play in the same sandbox, after all.

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2 Responses

  1. Lynn says:

    Yes, except your average voter from the population above (“Americans”) probably yet:

    – couldn’t identify his European peer’s nation on a map.

    – lives in a State with an active DOMA.

    – and is unconvinced the environment is a real issue.

    The election is good news, but I feel we are far off from being excused.

  2. anon says:

    from Krugman:

    “Two years ago, people were talking about permanent right-wing dominance of American politics. But since then the American people have gotten a clearer sense of what rule by movement conservatives means.

    They’ve seen the movement take us into an unnecessary war, and botch every aspect of that war.

    They’ve seen a great American city left to drown;

    they’ve seen corruption reach deep into our political process;

    they’ve seen the hypocrisy of those who lecture us on morality.”

    And they just said no.”