Law Professor Blogger Census 5.0 Chart: N-Z

The chart of schools N-Z in the census is below the fold.

To see the first half of the chart, A-M, click here.

Nebraska Anthony Schutz NEW M Agricultural Law
N.Y. Law Sch. Art Leonard F Leonard Link
N.Y. Law Sch. Beth Simone Noveck F Cairns Blog
NYU Daniel Shaviro M Start Making Sense
UNC Eric Muller M Is That Legal?
UNC Andrew Chin NEW M Voiceless
UNC Melissa Jacoby NEW F Credit Slips
UNC Judith Welch Wegner F State and Local Government Law Prof Blog
Northern Kentucky Richard Bales M Workplace Prof Blog
Northern Kentucky Bill Sjostrum M Truth on the Market
Northwestern Anthony D’Amato M Bloggo D’Amato
Northwestern James Lindgren M Volokh Conspiracy
Northwestern David Scheffer M Grotian Moment: The Saddam Hussein Trial Blog
Notre Dame Richard Garnett M Mirror of Justice and PrawfsBlawg
Notre Dame Vincent Rougeau M Mirror of Justice
Ohio State Douglas Berman M Sentencing Law and Policy
Ohio State Edward Lee M Lee Blog
Ohio State Dale Oesterle M Business Law Prof Blog
Ohio State Daniel Tokaji M Equal Vote
Oklahoma Drew Kershen NEW M Agricultural Law
Oklahoma Michael Scaperlanda M Mirror of Justice
Pace Bridget Crawford F Feminist Law Profs
Pace Marie Newman F Out of the Jungle
Penn St. Dickinson Stephanie Farrior F Feminist Law Profs
Pepperdine Roger Alford M Opinio Juris
Pittsburgh Richard Delgado M BlackProf
Pittsburgh Michael Madison M and IP and IT Conferences and Pittsblog
Pittsburgh Bernard Hibbitts M The Paper Chase
Regent David Wagner M Ninomania
Richmond Benjamin Spencer M Federal Civil Practice Bulletin
Roger Williams Dennis Tonsing M Law School Academic Support Blog
Rutgers-Camden Michael Livingston M From Milan to Mumbai
Rutgers Newark Neil Buchanan M Left2Right
Rutgers-Newark Keith Sharfman M Truth on the Market
San Diego Gail Heriot F The Right Coast
San Diego Adam Kolber M Neuroethics Blog
San Diego Orly Lobel NEW F PrawfsBlawg and Consumer Law & Policy Blog
San Diego Shaun Martin M California Appellate Blog
San Diego Michael Rappaport M The Right Coast
San Diego Maimon Schwarzschild M The Right Coast
San Diego Thomas Smith M The Right Coast
San Diego Christopher Wonnell M The Right Coast
St. John’s Christopher Borgen M Opinio Juris
St. John’s Linda Ryan F Out of the Jungle
St. John’s Jeff Sovern NEW M Consumer Law & Policy Blog
St. John’s Susan Stabile F Mirror of Justice
St. John’s Brian Tamanaha M Balkinization
St. Thomas Thomas Berg M Mirror of Justice
St. Thomas Greg Sisk M Mirror of Justice
St. Thomas Robert Vischer M Mirror of Justice
Santa Clara David Freedman NEW M Ideas
Santa Clara Eric Goldman M Goldman’s Observations and Technology & Marketing Law Blog
Seton Hall Gaia Bernstein NEW F Law and Technology Theory
Seton Hall Shavar Jeffries NEW M BlackProf
Seton Hall Frank Pasquale NEW M and Law and Technology Theory
South Carolina Ann Bartow F and Feminist Law Profs
Southern Illinois Sue Liemer F Legal Writing Prof Blog
SMU Shubha Ghosh M Antitrust Prof Blog
SMU Thomas Mayo M Health Law Prof Blog
SMU Susan Scafidi F Counterfeit Chic
South Texas Paul McGreal M Corporate Compliance Prof Blog
Southwestern Paul Horwitz M PrawfsBlawg
Southwestern Katherine Sheehan NEW F Doing Justice
Southwestern Byron Stier NEW M Mass Tort Litigation Blog
Stanford Jennifer Granick F The Shout
Stanford Lawrence Lessig M Lessig Blog
Stanford Margaret Jane Radin F Left2Right
Stetson Paul Boudreaux M Land Use Prof Blog
Stetson Ellen Podgor F White Collar Crime Prof Blog
Suffolk Betsy McKenzie F Out of the Jungle
Suffolk Jessica Silbey F Law Culture
Temple Marina Angel F Feminist Law Profs
Temple Jeff Dunoff M International Economic Law and Policy Blog
Temple David Hoffman M Concurring Opinions
Temple Duncan Hollis NEW M Opinio Juris
Temple David Post M Volokh Conspiracy
Temple Peter Spiro NEW M Opinio Juris
Tennessee Glenn Reynolds M Instapundit and
Texas John Dzienkowski M Legal Ethics Forum
Texas Brian Leiter M Leiter Reports and Leiter’s Law School Reports
Texas Sanford Levinson NEW M Balkinization and Open University
Texas Wayne Scheiss M Plain Legal Writing
Texas Tech. Gerry Beyer M Wills Trusts and Estates Prof Blog
Texas Tech. Ann Graham NEW F Banking Law Prof Blog
Texas Tech. Nancy Soonpaa F Legal Writing Prof Blog
Texas Wesleyan Wayne Barnes M Contracts Prof Blog
Texas Wesleyan Franklin Snyder M Contracts Prof Blog
Thomas Jefferson Kaimi Wenger M Concurring Opinions
Toledo Howard Friedman M Religion Clause
Touro Jonathan Ezor M Tech Law Prof Blog
Touro Michelle Zakarin F Tech Law Prof Blog
Tulane Alan Childress NEW M Legal Profession Blog
Tulane Stephen Griffin NEW M Balkinization
UCLA Stephen Bainbridge M and Mirror of Justice and Professor Bainbridge on Wine
UCLA Devon Carbado M BlackProf
UCLA Russell Korobkin M Volokh Conspiracy
UCLA Jennifer Mnoonkin F Law Culture
UCLA Seanna Shiffrin F Left2Right
UCLA Eugene Volokh M Volokh Conspiracy
UMKC Barbara Glesner Fines F Family Law Prof Blog
UNLV Keith Rowley M Contracts Prof Blog
Vanderbilt Michael Newton M Grotian Moment: The Saddam Hussein Trial Blog
Vermont Ellen Swain F Law School Academic Support Blog
Villanova Patrick Brennan M Mirror of Justice
Villanova James Maule M MauledAgain
Villanova Mark Sargent M Mirror of Justice
Virginia Peter Brooks M Law Culture
Virginia Paul Stephan M International Economic Law and Policy Blog
Wake Forest Bobby Chesney NEW M National Security Advisors
Washington U. Sam Bagenstos M Disability Law Blog
Washington U. Christopher Bracey NEW M BlackProf
Washington U. Daniel Mandelker M State and Local Government Law Prof Blog
Washington U. Leila Nadia Sadat F Grotian Moment: The Saddam Hussein Trial Blog
Wayne State Derek Bambauer NEW M InfoLaw
Wayne State Peter Henning M White Collar Crime Prof Blog
Western New England College School of Law William Childs M and TortsProf Blog
Widener Benjamin Barros M PropertyProf Blog
Willamette Laura Appleman F Legal Ethics Forum
Willamette Susan Smith F Environmental Law Prof Blog
William & Mary Linda Malone F Grotian Moment: The Saddam Hussein Trial Blog
William Mitchell Kim Dayton F Elder Law Prof Blog
William Mitchell Robert E. Oliphant M Family Law Prof Blog
William Mitchell J. David Prince M Products Liability Law Prof Blog
William Mitchell Nancy Ver Steegh F Family Law Prof Blog
William Mitchell Michael Steenson M Products Liability Law Prof Blog
Wisconsin Ann Althouse F Althouse
Wisconsin Gordon Smith M Conglomerate
Yale Ian Ayres M Balkinization
Yale Jack Balkin M Balkinization

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2 Responses

  1. You missed me. I am the Dean of Trinity International Universities’ Trinity Law School in Santa Ana California. We are HLC accredited and Cal Bar accredited but not ABA approved (yet). My blog ins Trinitarian Don at I am male, and discus law, legal theory, theology, human rights, public policy, war and much more. Thanks for compiling your list.

  2. Nate Oman says:

    Dan: I am affraid that you missed me. My name is Nathan Oman. I’m a professor at William & Mary. I blog at some place called Concurring Opinions…