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book1.bmpThe topic of this week’s research canons series at PrawfsBlawg is law and literature, a field I find of great interest (I have written a few papers about law and literature). If you’re interested in law and literature, you might find my website for the Law & Humanities Institute to contain some useful information.

There are several web pages that may be of interest:

1. General Resources (websites, syllabi, etc.)

2. A List of Literary Works About the Law

3. A Chronological Bibliography of Works About Law & Literature (1982-present)

4. A Bibliography of Law & Literature Scholarship About Particular Writers

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1 Response

  1. Patrick S. O'Donnell says:

    Truly a labor of love. Carefully and thoroughly organized, with graphics and book covers no less. What a wonderful resource to have at our fingertips. Exemplifies service to the profession.