Welcome to the Blogosphere: National Security Advisors


Welcome to the blogsophere to National Security Advisors, a national security law blog by an all-star team of Bobby Chesney (law, Wake Forest), Steve Vladeck (law, Miami), and Tung Yin (law, Iowa).

From the welcome post:

Few areas of law or policy have been as important as national security during the five-year period following 9/11, and none have been as controversial. We are a group of three relatively-junior law professors who have diverse political perspectives, but who share a commitment to open-minded and even-handed discussion and debate regarding these issues.

Although we recognize that a number of blogs and traditional media outlets do an outstanding job of covering some national security law developments, there is no single source dedicated exclusively to this purpose. We aim to fill that gap with a group blog that will strive to be known for:

– its reasoned, non-partisan tone;

– the sweep and timeliness of its coverage;

– the quality of the debates and discussions for which it will provide a forum; and

– its ability to draw attention to forthcoming scholarship, events, and developments of interest.

Over time, we hope that you’ll find this to be a useful and reliable resource, and that we’ll learn as much from our audience as you may learn from us!


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