The Methodology of Law and Economics: Call for Papers

Mark White (Economics, CUNY) is organizing a terrific book project on the methodology of law and economics. Here’s the call for papers:

I am currently soliciting chapter proposals for an edited volume on the methodology of law and economics. This book is aimed chiefly towards law-and-economics scholars who may be inclined to reflect upon their discipline, and traditional legal scholars who want deeper insight into the economic approach to law from a more philosophical point of view.

The impetus for the book was 1) the deficiency of serious methodological reflection on the part of law-and-economics scholars (with the important exception of Richard Posner), and 2) the absence of any book-length treatment on the issue (aside from collections of previously published articles).

I expect most essays in this book to be critical in tone, since law-and-economics has not withstood philosophical scrutiny well in the past, but I encourage contributions that defend the field as well.

Scholars from any field are encouraged to send proposals: law, economics, and philosophy are the most obvious, but contributions from political science, sociology, and psychology are most welcome also.

Tentative timeline:

• December 15, 2006: Proposals due.

• Spring 2007: I choose contributions in January, write book proposal, and distribute it to publishers by March or April. (I hope to have a contract by summer.)

• September-October 2007: First drafts of chapters expected. (Since I am very confident about getting a contract, I hope authors would start their chapters soon after being notified of acceptance for the book.)

• Early spring 2008: Final manuscripts expected (after yet-undetermined review process).

• Late spring 2008: Submit manuscript to publisher.

Please send your proposals electronically to by December 15, 2006. Questions and comments are also welcome (at the same email address.)

Feel free to circulate this call for papers as you like, or post in your departments!

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