The Degeneration of Mankind

Today’s Washington Post has a collumn in which Robert Samuelson wags his finger at the mass of exhibitionism on the Internet. He writes:

Call it the ExhibitioNet. It turns out that the Internet has unleashed the greatest outburst of mass exhibitionism in human history. Everyone may not be entitled, as Andy Warhol once suggested, to 15 minutes of fame. But everyone is entitled to strive for 15 minutes — or 30, 90 or much more. We have blogs, “social networking” sites (, Facebook), YouTube and all their rivals. Everything about these sites is a scream for attention. Look at me. Listen to me. Laugh with me — or at me.

This is no longer fringe behavior.

Indeed! In the past screaming for attention and the insistent “Look at me! Listen to me!” was confined only to the sordid fringes of society. You know, people like Washington Post collumnists and television pundits. People like Mr. Samuelson…

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1 Response

  1. Raj says:

    I believe Samuelson is distinguishing between political blogs – and other such material “acceptable” for public consumption – on the one hand, and, exhibitionism of a more personal and “revealing” nature on the other hand. 😉

    The gripe, is about the latter and not about the former?