PENNumbra.jpgA warm welcome to PENNumbra, the newest law review companion website. Like Yale Law Journal’s Pocket Part and Harvard Law Review’s The Forum, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review has created PENNumbra, which “features downloadable articles from the print edition of the Law Review, brief scholarly responses to those articles, and online debates on topics of current interest.” In their promotional email, the editors note the content already on the site:

Featured in the debut edition of PENNumbra are:

* Marci A. Hamilton and Mark Tushnet, responding to Erwin Chemerinsky’s Assessing Chief Justice William Rehnquist

* Frank Goodman and Theodore Ruger, responding to Jack M. Balkin & Reva B. Siegal’s Principles, Practices, and Social Movements

* Dan Markel, responding to Wayne A. Logan’s Horizontal Federalism in an Age of Criminal Justice Interconnectedness

* Ann M. Bartow, responding to Daniel J. Solove’s A Taxonomy of Privacy

* Lyle Denniston, responding to Linda Greenhouse’s How Not To Be Chief Justice: The Apprenticeship of William Rehnquist

* William Burke-White and Abraham Bell, debating the United Nations’ continued relevance to the development of international law

I’ll have a response to Bartow’s essay soon.

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  1. Don’t forget about Michigan’s excellent new First Impressions site.