Finally, A Law School Dedicated To Human Sacrifice

The American Justice School of Law, in Kentucky, has an interesting perspective on the world. It explains:

As implied by Kentucky’s latin motto, “Deo gratiam habeamus,” we hold our rights as a free people by God’s grace as well as human sacrifice.

Does Kentucky’s motto really imply a need for human sacrifice? (My understanding is that the direct translation is “Let us be grateful to God.” What a way to show it!) And how does human sacrifice fit in with ABA accreditation? (Hint: this is a high-risk site inspection.)

If this were a news story, it would surely belong in the Columbia Journalism Review’s page of funny headlines.

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2 Responses

  1. Kaimi says:


    I think the take-home lesson is: Don’t take that school up on a visitorship, no matter how much they offer.

  2. Paul Horwitz says:

    Jokes aside, you guys are giving this institution way too little credit. Among other things, their graduation ceremony each year features one of the finest wicker men in all of American legal education.