A Lateral Hiring Information Market

Eric Muller, at Is That Legal, notes that there are now discussion boards dedicated to (non-law) faculty hiring rumors. This is one example and here is another. Eric suggests that this might be a new niche for blawgers. I’m not sure I’d like this job, but perhaps others feel differently. But why make this part of blogging? Lots of us have spent hours at the AALS conference gabbing about rumored moves. It’s time for our home institutions to recognize gossip as part of our “scholarship.” One obvious way to spin this straw into gold would be to create, and write about, an information market in law faculty moves. It’ll be fun, what with everyone contributing, and some of us earning nice profits. For some industrious academic entrepreneur – no doubt a junior prof stuck at Alaska State or the like – there may be tenure at the end of this rainbow. And better than even odds, a lateral move as well.

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1 Response

  1. Miriam Cherry says:

    I’m getting a little technical here, but this isn’t truly an information market. It’s just a rumor mill (in fact, that’s what it calls itself). That is, unless you set it up in such a way that there’s a profit for shares in a person’s academic career… (I’ll buy a share of Filler! 🙂