Prawfs’ Sartorial Obsession

Prawfsblawg has a new post up on academic dress. The comments are, as always, interesting. I hope it isn’t too snarky to observe that isn’t Prawfs’ first discussion of sartorial topics. See also here, here, here, here, here , and (google reports) here too.

I wonder why the Prawfs gang hasn’t tried to get Brooks Brothers to sponsor the site?

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5 Responses

  1. Dan Markel says:

    Good thought Dave! If we could get to the point where we quit preening in front of the mirror, we might just try to hustle that, so long, of course, as they threw in the rep ties and loafers.

  2. Dave Hoffman says:

    And don’t forget socks! (Insufficient discussion thusfar of whether it is appropriate for professors to wear sandals to class).

  3. Scott Moss says:

    Dave — I do not wear sandals, but I apply an “above 80 degrees” rule to socks: above 80, I don’t wear socks. When I was in practice in New York, where 80 is typical for the summer, this was a 90 degree rule. Many at the firm (including the partners) thought I should wear sock as a matter of course, notwithtanding our “business casual” policy, and I kept having to inform them of the 90 degree rule.

  4. Paul Secunda says:

    In defense of my post today on Prawfs (and I looked over the other posts Dave cited), no one has to this date ever claimed (admitted)(was proud of the fact) that they dressed like a Teamster.

  5. Dave Hoffman says:

    Paul, pretty funny – actually, I think that dressing is an evergreen topic – you can’t write too much about it.