Law Review Submissions, Final August Version

question2.jpgContinuing Co-Op’s tradition of law review related public service, I thought I’d open up a space for law review editors to provide some information to folks thinking of submitting in the next “cycle”. (Kaimi has a post up for law reviews that want off-cycle submisssions).

[Update: I started this thread back in June. It is now August, and I assume the window of submissions is fully open. Editors should feel free to use the comment thread to make any submissions related announcements they deem relevant and useful.]

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11 Responses

  1. YLJ Articles Editor says:

    Yale is reading articles all summer, and will begin making publication offers again in August. We’ll be taking at least 6-8 more articles.

    High-quality scholarship is more important than filling any particular quota.

  2. Arizona Law Review Editor says:

    The Arizona Law Review will begin reading submissions and making offers again in mid-August. We still have room for 3-4 articles next year.

    We are not looking for articles on any particular subject. Instead, no matter the topic, we seek articles that are interesting, timely, and well written.

  3. HLR Articles Editor says:

    Harvard will be looking at articles all summer, although our turnaround will be faster starting August 14. We have room for several more articles (at least 5, depending on their length). We are not looking for articles in particular topic areas.

  4. Editor-in-Chief, Cardozo Law Review says:

    The Cardozo Law Review considers a limited number of high-quality submissions during the summer months and begins reviewing full-time in mid-August.

    The Cardozo Law Review has developed a reputation for publishing a wide variety of more esoteric and theoretical pieces and will continue to be on the lookout for those. We’d like to balance this by publishing a few empirical pieces, a relative rarity in legal academia.

    We will be accepting approximately 6-9 articles in the next cycle.

  5. Minn Articles Editor says:

    Minnesota Law Review is reviewing articles all summer, though we our turn-around will be faster starting in August. We have space for 4-6 articles.

    We have no criteria regarding the subject matter of the articles. Strong writing and insightful, compelling scholarship will go a long way with us.

  6. Duke Law Journal is reviewing articles throughout the summer and accepting electronic submissions until August 1. We have room for four or so articles, depending on length. All topics are welcome. We are also working on a call for papers for our Administrative Law Conference, which will be held in early 2007.

    Finally, we’re happy to report that after a stretch of behind-schedule publication, we will be on time for Volume 56.

  7. The Hastings Law Journal is reviewing submissions throughout the summer and will begin making publication decisions in the second week of August.

    We are looking for five pieces to complete Volume 58, and for those slots we welcome articles of any topic. Additionally, scholars interested in presenting at and/or submitting papers for our upcoming Disability Law Symposium should contact our Senior Symposium Editor.

  8. Editor-in-Chief, Boston University Law Review says:

    Boston University Law Review is now accepting article submissions, and will start making publication decisions (and accepting expedited review requests) in mid-August.

    We are looking for approximately six articles, depending on length. All topics are welcome. Email submissions (along with cover letter and CV) to

  9. The Washington University Law Review (formerly Washington University Law Quarterly) is currently reviewing article submissions.

    We will be accepting at least 9 articles for our next publication cycle. Please email submissions with a cover letter and CV to

    All topic areas are considered.

  10. tim zinnecker says:

    Query whether a submission should be accompanied by the author’s c.v. If so, why?

  11. bill says:

    “Query whether a submission should be accompanied by the author’s c.v. If so, why?

    Posted by: tim zinnecker at August 16, 2006 09:50 PM”

    Otherwise the editors would have to read all the submissions. That’d suck.