Easterbrook To Be Elevated to Chief Judge

gavel 2.JPG

Just a quick heads up. According to the National Law Journal Chief Judge Joel M. Flaum turns 70 soon and when that happens Judge Frank H. Easterbrook will be elevated to Chief Judge of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The article notes that the position is mainly administrative and that to accommodate his new duties, Judge Easterbrook will reduce his teaching load to one course rather than two a year.

For those interested the article lists some criticisms of the judge and some praise. In addition the article notes that Judge Easterbrook may “ask district judges of the circuit to occasionally sit on a 7th Circuit panel, giving them a view from the appellate court” which apparently is “a change from a ban on visiting judges set by Posner when he was chief from 1993 to 2000.”

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