Colbert Takes on Wikipedia

If you’re in the mood for some wiki humor, check out this hilarious segment where Stephen Colbert makes fun of Wikipedia. Apparently, the folks at Wikipedia didn’t find it very funny. Colbert’s Wikipedia account got blocked later on.

Hat tip: Google Blogoscoped

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4 Responses

  1. Deven Desai says:

    So where is the Wikipedia entry for Concurring Opinions?

  2. Jim Bim says:

    I think plenty of Wikipedians thought it was funny and welcomed the publicity. I enjoyed the joke also although I generally worry about vandalism becoming a serious problem in the future. It’s understandable if some folks were chapped at the hassle of dealing with all the incoming vandals.

  3. Jim Bim says:

    Also, I don’t know if he was making fun of Wikipedia so much as our leaders who have similar attitudes as his on-air persona — that you can create your own truth.

  4. prof. solove -- you should post more often says:

    wikipedia is the greatest thing since floormats or garbage disposals. those that stress its occassional unreliability are simply being snobs–like this one girl who claims to be #1 in her law school class (at a top 20 school) and said that she was “appalled” once when i sent her some information via a wikipedia link.

    i was “appalled” at her snobbiness.