Advice For New Law Students, Including My Own Small Suggestion

Seems like everyone is getting in on the advise-the-new-law-student game. The WSJ Law Blog links to (and succinctly summarizes) the wisdom of my old Alabama neighbor, Brannon Denning, Dahlia Lithwik, Vik Amar, Orin Kerr, and Jeremy Blachman.

Not enough for you? Paul Caron links to these, and other, sage insights on surviving law school.

I am also pretty partial to the unfolding advice of Belle Lettre. And Belle is right to recommend Spencer Overton’s suggestions over at BlackProf.

Dave Hoffman adds the useful suggestion that students turn off their phones.

May I be so bold as to add one more? Don’t get arrested.

I don’t know which of these real-life student confessions was worse: getting busted with PCP two weeks before law school or beating up a cop in a drunken haze during winter break. So rephrased into the the language of an office procedure manual, the successful law student makes a conscious effort to either avoid criminal conduct or organize his or her offenses in a reasonably discrete fashion.

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2 Responses

  1. KipEsquire says:

    And clear up those traffic tickets!

    A friend of mine was (temporarily) denied admission to the New Jersey bar because he had unpaid (and overdue) tickets in that state.

    No big whoop, but who wants any kind of whoop when dealing with bar admission?


  2. Orin Kerr says:

    My next post will be advice for law professors on giving advice to law students.