Summertime for Hitler, Right Here In The U.S. of A.

If your summer plans included a pilgrimage to the Hitler Shrine in southeastern Wisconsin, it turns out that you’ll need an invitation from its owner.

But not to worry! Your daughters can download the “nationalist” music of Prussian Blue (a/k/a Mary-Kate and Ashley Eichmann), pictured above, at the click of a mouse! As this fan notes in his review of the dierndel-draped darlings’ music, “the first three songs on the new CD have nothing to do with race at all. They are geared more toward the young teen set and of course a young girls favorite topic, boys.”

Consider this recent post by someone who calls him/herself “NewAgeGerman, “from the Prussian Blue fansite forum:

I received my copy of The Path We Chose in the mail Monday and proceeded to listen to it several times end to end (I work from home so I play whatever music I want :-). While the whole album is fantastic, “Not a Problem” is my favorite, very poignant lyrics.

Though listening to “When I’m With You” & “Stranger” before ordering the CD gave me an idea, I wasn’t prepared for how good the album is. It explains why the mainstream media has been so vicious, they fear that people might actually listen up, and wake up.

On that note I want to wholeheartedly thank PB & their family for helping wake me up. Very long story short: I grew up in SF and tried my best to be proud of being white. Despite how racist everyone else was, I REALLY tried to open minded and “liberal”, though over the years that began to erode.

The proverbial last straw occurred about a month ago. I caught a news blurb online about PB (I don’t watch TV so I hadn’t heard of them before). I looked at all the negative articles about them (almost word for word copies of each other) and decided to investigate. I couldn’t believe all the lies and vicious attacks (from so-called understanding kind-hearted liberals) that were directed at these two young girls. It made me sick and I stopped identifying myself as a liberal at that point.

All of a sudden it all became clear to me. I registered at Stormfront (NewAgeGerman) after reading the threads there and realized that the people there shared my beliefs as well as my heritage. So here I am: White, proud, and awake.

One wonders: how many young and impressionable listeners is this music reaching?

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5 Responses

  1. Paul Gowder says:

    Hold on a second. From that Hitler shrine article:

    Junker says he volunteered to join the German S-S, the dreaded Nazi paramilitary unit, in 1940. He came to the United States in 1955.

    Don’t we still exclude ex-Nazis? I was sure that U.S. immigration law permitted instant deportation for people who served that regime. If, as that paragraph seems to imply, he’s an ex-SS officer, shouldn’t he be given the boot, instantly? (Preferably to Israel for trial.)

  2. Eric Muller says:


    Here’s an article that answers these questions:

  3. K Ashford says:

    Thought you might enjoy* this — from the Prussian Blue girls’ blog. They’re building a Hitler snowman (complete with the Heil salute).

    How prescious: LINK

    *I use the word “enjoy” advisedly

  4. K Ashford says:

    Crap. Wrong link. Here it is

  5. daisybasil says:

    If you’ve ever wondered what Prussian Blue would look like as Sims, I present to you for your amusement: PrusSim Blue!