Ready, Set…Recruit! When Law Professors Come To Visit

The visiting law professor parade has begun! Every law prof on a lateral search committee will surely want to visit Brian Leiter’s blog to see his list of profs at top drawer schools. Is Brian Leiter turning his back on his much beloved Texas, or is he just trying to twist the knife on Northwestern? Is Chris Slobogin turning his back on the ABA Florida death penalty assessment, or is he just looking for a break from the humidity? And is Kenji Yoshino really thinking that the uber-liberals at NYU will ever take Judith Butler seriously?

Only a few of these visitors will actually move to these schools permanently. The rest are perfect targets for the ambitious faculty recruiter. In conference rooms of “regular” law schools all over the country, people are wondering: what would it take to get Rick and Nicole Garnett (visiting at Chicago) to leave Notre Dame.

Let me just say, as the chair of faculty recruiting at Drexel Law, that we have a bright and enthusiastic faculty, a load of smart and eager students, and incomparable access to soft pretzels and Tastykakes. And believe me: Hyde Park has nothing on West Philly. Call anytime before 8:30; that’s when the kids go to bed.

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  1. John says:


    West Philly is all very nice, but my advice to visitors is, come to Oregon. If no one picks up the phone when you call, that’s because we’re all out hiking or visiting vineyards. Our biggest scholarship problem is glare on our laptop screens in the summer months (fall, winter, and spring, admittedly, do not create as many glare problems).