Chart of Law Review Submission Policies

lawgavel2.jpgScott Moss, a law professor at Marquette and a reader of this blog, emailed me a very useful chart he created of law review submission policies at the top 37 law school’s law reviews. He has graciously allowed me to post it here. According to Scott, he stopped at 37 journals for no other reason than it was getting tedious and boring. The chart has information about article length, spacing, anonymity, mail vs. ExpressO, dates by which journals will begin reviewing this fall, and more. Thanks, Scott!

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5 Responses

  1. Alfred L. Brophy says:

    Dan and Scott–thanks so much for the table. Very, very useful.

    What’s the measure for saying these are “the top 37 law schools’ law reviews”? They don’t appear to match either the most recent US News overall rank or the most recent US News peer assessment rank.

    Again, thanks so much for the table.


  2. Scott Moss says:

    Oh, I don’t stand by the list as a ranking of anything. It’s the top 37 according solely to a photocopy of a US News ranking list I had sitting on my desk. I don’t know whether it was this year’s ranking or last year’s or whatever. And I don’t think much of US News’s methodology at all.

    Also, I certainly don’t purport to be saying that these are the top 37 reviews. For example, I didn’t look at various top-ranked specialty journals — including several that have published my articles and that I therefore think are the bestest journals ever. I excluded specialty journals only because I initially compiled this list for my own use (the idea of sharing it came to me later), and I’ll be submitting my current piece only to general law reviews (because I recently published in specialty journals in the two fields most relevant to my work, employment law and gender, so I figure my next one should go in a general).

  3. Al says:

    That’s cool–just wondering. Very, very helpful list, Scot.

  4. Miriam Cherry says:

    Thanks for the chart, Scott! V. useful.

  5. Scott Moss says:

    I free-ride off postings like Dan’s often enough that on the rare occasion I put together something useful for others, I figure I should share….

    Someone emailed me a question that indicated I should clarify something: I listed “ExpressO” only for five journals, but it’d also work fine for the many that want “mail” submissions (because ExpressO does hard-copy mailings). And I don’t have any basis for knowing the extent to which journals really discriminate against articles that don’t follow their exact preferences for 1.5 spacing, 1.185″ margins, etc….