Searching for Justice for Theresa Allore — And Other Candian Crime Victims

In the fall of 1978, somebody murdered my friend John Allore‘s big sister Theresa and left her body in the woods in Magog, Quebec. Police investigation at the time was shoddy, and rapidly came to a “blame-the-victim” conclusion.

Since 2001, John has been on a quest to solve his sister’s murder, often without much help from Canadian authorities.

Tomorrow he and a group of supporters will take the matter into their own hands once again, gathering to search the crime scene for traces of evidence that might remain.

Their do-it-yourself search is drawing significant attention north of the border — not just to Theresa’s murder, but to other “cold cases” and to the frustrations of Canadian crime victims and their families in their dealings with the Canadian criminal investigation bureacracy.

The National Post has a very good article about it that you can read by clicking here.

Best of luck to John and his fellow searchers tomorrow.

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  1. M says:

    Well i find it very strange that you state John Allore as your friend.. for the reason that you seems very baddly inform.. Theresa’s body WAS NOT found in Magog(i believe you meant Austin!) SHE WAS FOUND IN COMPTON .. HER CLOTHES WE,RE FIND IN AUSTIN!