Prediction Markets Conference

Speaking of information markets (as Dave is, below) I saw an announcement for what looks to be a great conference on the subject. So if you’re in the Chicago area on June 7, 2006, check it out!

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2 Responses

  1. BTD_Venkat says:

    Probably a dumb (and somewhat tounge in cheek) question, but have people found many actual uses for those markets? It seems like something business/law bloggers like to dwell on and blog about, and maybe functions as a gambling outlet, but as far as practical uses are there many? Or is this a discipline like law and economics? Academically interesting but practically less so.

  2. Miriam Cherry says:

    In answer to your question, prediction markets are not just theoretical – they are currently being used in many areas. Aside from predicting happenings / events in politics and entertainment (which are the most popular subjects for markets that are open to the public), there are many businesses that use prediction markets internally. Only those within the company can trade, and they’re put in use to predict sales, develop product ideas, etc.