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A reader (Anton) left a (kind) comment about how’s he enjoying what goes on here at Concurring Opinions (aw shucks, thanks!). At the same time, though, he wondered whether such law blogs were a uniquely American phenomenon. His concern – I’m paraphrasing a bit – was that in a smaller country, bloggers might be worried about some amount of professional backlash if they expressed strong political views. He also asked whether there were any law blogs – resembling this one – written by lawyers / academics in other countries. Not about international law – but about local matters. I am wondering whether some of our readers might have suggestions? If so, leave them in the comments, because I know that I’d love to check them out.

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7 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Off the top of my head, I can think of 2 IP blogs that largely cover developments in the professor’s home country: and . I’m sure there’s more.

  2. IPKat, a blog (by practitioners not professors) focusing on British and European intellectual property law:

  3. Kristi Bowman says:

    Hi Miriam, glad to see your visit has been extended! I was discussing this very same question with a colleague from a British law school recently, and she was intrigued by the more-or-less mainstream nature of our legal academic blogs. So, I think we can say there’s not as much law prawf blogging (yet) in the UK, despite the fact that they have many law schools (140, I am thinking – law is an undergraduate degree in the UK).

  4. Roger Alford says:


    The one that comes readily to mind is TransAtlantic Assembly, a blog that focuses on European law and politics.

    Roger Alford

    Opinio Juris

  5. John says:

    “Elephants and the Law” is a blog written by a legal academic in New Zealand.

  6. claudio says:

    Hey, I know it’s not a very good practice, but I’m a Chilean legal blogger and I post about local matters on IP and technological and iLaw stuffs.



  7. Carlos says:

    Well, well, well. You can check at the world blawgs category and in this other site Observatory of the Legal Blogosphere:

    BTW: i’m also a blawger or legal blogger. In fact i’m also chilean and happen to know Claudio, the quemarlasnaves guy. 😀