I’m Moving to Sacramento

So, I spent most of last week in California looking for an apartment. The good news is that apparently professors make good tenants. Bad news was that it was still a lot of work and it took longer than I thought it would. Luckily, I did have time to have a couple lunches with my new colleagues at Pacific McGeorge. And, courtesy of Susan Franck (Nebraska), I got to hear this really cool song by Oxygen that has as its chorus, “I’m moving to Sacramento.”

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4 Responses

  1. Kevin OKeefe says:

    Sacramento is a wonderful place. Spent 3 years at McGeorge escaping the Midwest snow for law school back in early ’80’s. Was down there couple years ago visiting development director, Dean, and professors on a non-profit project I was working on. Came away very impressed.


  2. Robert Carlin says:

    Prof. Cherry,

    As I approach my second year at McGeorge, I just want to extend you a warm welcome. I think you will really enjoy yourself here, the faculty (in my limited experience) is engaging and competent, and the campus simply beautiful. It will be serendipitous if I end up having you as my professor for Employment Law in my third year. See you around campus.

  3. Ryan Walters says:

    Natomas (North Natomas, not South Natomas!) has some good value. A lot of new places were built recently — overbuilt, some might say — and many are available for rent.

  4. test says:

    You may want to avoid the Natomas area. Yes, there are a lot of new houses there, but they’re built in a flood plain that floods about once every 10 years. South Natomas tends to encroach into North Natomas anyway, major ghetto. The same thing is happening in Elk Grove. Elk grove borders South Sacramento, and now both of these areas are becoming one. Elk Grove is also mostly speculator/investor owned, so there is a lot of rental housing there.