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I’ve been out-of-pocket over the last week on vacation in sunny California. Astonishingly, something called “June gloom” meant that it is more sunny in Philadelphia than Los Angeles these days. Good riddance! In generally, the trip was terrific notwithstanding the weather. I can recommend the Hess Collection vineyard tour in Napa, as well as Delfina’s restaurant in San Fran. Oh, and we got into Campanile’s grilled cheese night, which was amazing. Not that they don’t have grilled cheese in Philly. But Emily Proctor, who played Ainsley Hayes from the West Wing, won’t be at the next table.

I’ll get back to regular posting soon, but for now, remember that the Conglomerate starts continues its second annual Junior Corporate Scholars Workshop tomorrow. The next paper is The Business Judgment Rule, Disclosure, and Executive Compensation by Jeremy Telman. These types of substantive discussions are what the blawgosphere is all about for me, and I bet the Glom will be well worth visiting over the next week or so.

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  1. Belle Lettre says:

    Even Californians forget about June Gloom–every year, we are surprised at the drizzle, gray skies, and the marine layer that takes forever to lift. I don’t know why we forget–perhaps it’s the other 300 (you know, 35 days for the month of winter, 30 days for June Gloom) days of sunshine that make us forget.

    It’s hilarious how a lot of my friends will “plan to go to the beach” during the summer, forgetting about it. And it’s even funnier to meet out-of-staters and foreign LLMs who come to CA with nothing more than t-shirts (even in the fall), expecting permanent sunny skies. I imagine it’s as funny as an East Coaster meeting a Californian whose first experience with below 50 degree weather (you know, like 45) is to put on a down parka (me).

    No paradise is permanent.