Anonymous Law Firm

anonymous-law-firm.jpgFor a hilarious satire on law firm life, check out the website, Anonymous Law Firm. Some highlights:

“Our work indicates a longstanding commitment to maximizing profits, and an unparalleled dedication to the perception of success.”

“Our firm was founded in 1908 by thirteen lawyers who believed that the practice of law did not have to be merely one aspect of an attorney’s life but that it offered enough rewards – mentally, spiritually and financially – that it was all a person needed to live a complete existence.”

“The Baghdad office is delighted to have been undergoing a series of renovations over the past few years, as the exterior and interior have been repeatedly gutted.”

“An ideal associate here is someone who could one day become a partner of the Firm, but won’t last quite that long. Sure, you’ll stay until the finish line is in sight, but then something will pull you away. Perhaps an illness. Perhaps an accident. Perhaps a carefully-worded threat. But something. Something terrible. Yet wonderful at the same time.”

“Our study has revealed, among other findings, that the meaning of life is hard work, performed without rest and without complaint, for purposes often vague and unclear, in concert with people you neither trust nor respect. And that those who seek meaning elsewhere are simply misguided, and in line for a life of failure and disappointment.”

Hat tip: Brian Leiter

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  1. Michael says:

    my firm isnt like that!