Juan Non-Volokh Unmasked

adler-jonathan.jpgOne of the greatest mysteries of the legal academy has been solved. Jonathan Adler (law, Case Western) is Juan Non-Volokh, the pseudonymous blogger at the Volokh Conspiracy. He has unmasked himself here.

Adler explains why he blogged anonymously here. Adler’s decision to be anonymous drew some strong criticism from Brian Leiter (law, Texas) here and here; Adler responds here.

Now that we know that Article III Groupie of Underneath Their Robes is David Lat and that Juan Non-Volokh is Jonathan Adler, are there any mysteries left in the law professor blogosphere?

A panel organized by Marcia Hofmann at the Computers Freedom and Privacy conference this week in Washington, DC will feature both Jonathan Adler and David Lat who will speak about their experiences blogging anonymously. The panel is on Thursday, May 4th, from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM.

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