Google Trends

alito.pngVia Andrew Sullivan, I see that Google has a new tool up to distract us in our time of need. Google Trends. It shows the relative popularity of search terms over time, over regions, and over languages. For example, the graph to the right reflect the searches for the term “Alito“. (Point “C” is when the Justice was nominated.) Unfortunately, you’ve apparently got to be somewhat popular to be trended: Volokh is, but I’m not. Jennifer Aniston, needless to say, is trended (and point “F” explains something like 10-20% of our total traffic.) Best of all, you can use google trends as a rankings supplement: here’s a Harvard, Yale, Stanford Law ranking metric you haven’t seen before!

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  1. Sney says:

    It reminds me of a stock exchange on headline news where people can see trends in media and buy buzzwords.