Our Six Month Developmental Milestones

Eating.jpgTo determine whether a baby is developing normally, you compare her activities and skills to developmental milestones for that age group. Here are some six month old milestones, thanks to the Health Child Care site, along with commentary on how we’re doing.

1. The baby will reach for and grasp objects, putting a lot of them in her mouth. That’s us. We are happy to pick up any topic, whether or not it is appropriate for our age (or expertise), and offer our opinion. Personally, I often discover that the object in my mouth is my foot.

2. The six month-old will babble, laugh and squeal when playing and happy. You don’t have to look much farther than Dan’s Airline Screening Playset to see a happy, squealing blogger at work! As for babbling? What about Dan’s chipper Spam Poetry post?

3. A six-month-old knows familiar faces, including her own, and will smile at herself in the mirror. Isn’t that exactly what we’re doing with all of today’s anniversary posts? Look at that cute blog! Wait! It’s us!

4. Interaction with caregivers continues to be important for six-month-olds. We’re desperate for your comments and links. You do love us, right? And promise you’ll never leave?

5. Feeding times are opportunities to repeat the names of foods, colors, and objects such as “spoon” and “bowl.” Or to translate this into Co-op parlance, Jennifer Aniston Nude! Jennifer Aniston Nude! Jennifer Aniston Nude!

Frankly, I think we’re right on target. And six months from now, I’m looking forward to having a regular sleeping schedule as well!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Cute baby.