Judges on Blogging

judge1a.bmpOver at 3L Epiphany, Ian Best has posted two terrific interviews with judges about blogging:

1. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger

2. Nebraska U.S. District Judge Richard G. Kopf

For example, in comparing blogs to law reviews, Justice Lanzinger responds (excerpt):

I believe that the serious blogs do have a time advantage in raising issues, networking primary sources, and serving as a clearinghouse for additional discussion. Law reviews have the luxury of handling an issue in depth; however the time lag can be a negative when fast-moving matters are being considered. Law reviews are permanent; one does not have to worry about a broken link or missing achival material. Nevertheless, even if (and maybe because) they are ephemeral, legal blogs are fun to read. Most cut to the chase and many have a sense of humor — a plus in my book.

Judge Kopf, in predicting the future influence of blogs, writes:

My guess is that legal blogs will partially fill the “practicality” gap between the legal academy and the rest of us. Blogs provide a unique opportunity for law teachers to directly influence the development of the law in near real time. Doug Berman, and other legal academics like him, have already done so. They deserve great credit.

Hat tip: Doug Berman

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