Jeff Skilling’s Day

skilling.jpgThe Houston Chron’s Trial Watch was all over Jeff Skilling’s testimony today. Of course, the direct went well: the actors in this particular scene have rehearsed their parts for years. As JS himself explained, “I went into absolute crash mode to prepare for this trial.”

A few small tidbits from the Chron help set the scene. The players:

Petrocelli [lawyer for JS, or, “cologne guy“], who is often given to theatrics when he was cross-examining a government witness, stayed largely at the podium and often used soft tones when questioning his client. Skilling, who in real life is often given to tirades and sarcasm, was very calm and careful with his answers, sometimes looking over at the jurors when speaking.

The narrative:

[Petrocelli] then asked whether executives had any reason to portray “a rosy picture” of Enron to the public?

“No,” Skilling replied.

The relationship between Enron and SOX!:

“It’s funny that Sarbanes Oxley, that’s one of the protections to make sure there isn’t another Enron, we had it before,” he said.

Of course, it is hard to know what to make of a day like this. Jurors may have made up their minds already based on the prosecution’s strong case. We’ll have to see – but until the verdict comes in, the defense team is obviously looking to put on a show, Scrushy-style.

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