Counter-cyclical journals

Everyone knows that law reviews pick piece up in the Spring and in the Fall.

Except when they don’t. A growing number of journals seem to be bucking the trend and seeking at least some summer solicitations. For example, the front page for the Duke Law Journal website states outright that “We will review articles throughout the summer.”

This post hopes to collect some data from our readers: Which are the counter-cyclical journals (either this year, or in general)? Which journals are seeking summer submissions? If you’re an editor or otherwise knowledgeable on the specifics of a journal that is presently pursuing (at least in part) a counter-cyclical strategy, please weigh in in the comments; ditto if you recently published an off-season piece or picked up an off-season piece from the journal side.

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3 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    Georgetown has had summer expedited review for a number of years. Washington & Lee just announced that they have adopted a similar program (decision within two weeks in exchange for exclusive summer submission).

  2. Will Baude says:

    The Yale Law Journal enthusiastically welcomes submissions over the summer, and we will review them throughout. However, we won’t make final offers of publication until August.

  3. GLC says:

    The Hastings Law Journal welcomes and will review submissions throughout the summer, but will not be making any offers until August as well.