As the Law Blog Prospers, Whither the Law School?

Prawfsblawg is 1 year old today, Concurring Opinions just turned six months old. I’ve guested on both, and I thought that a post honoring my two generous hosts might usefully be combined with what I hope will be the least essential analysis of the US News law school rankings yet.

In the past year, what has happened to the rankings of the schools who have provided the Co-Op and Prawfs with their full-time staff?

Concurring Opinions (GW, TJ, Temple, AL) net +6

Prawfsblawg (FSU, Hastings, MI, SW, ND, Hofstra, Miami) net +4

Let’s not think too hard about the methodology, shall we? Instead correlative congratulations are due to both staffs!

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2 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    Oh no, David! We do not want to measure out our lives in US News rankings, anymore than coffee spoons.

  2. David Zaring says:

    Well put. For those that do, it’s true, April can be the cruelest month. On the other hand, perhaps their anxiety will serve as the handmaiden of their creativity.

    And I hope the next commenter will segue, geography style, from TS Eliot to Eliott Ness…..