Moving To Drexel College of Law

As a close reader (who cared) would have seen, I am leaving the University of Alabama this summer to join the inaugural faculty of Drexel University College of Law. Since I hope to blog a bit about both the process of lateral movement, and the task of starting a new law school, I thought I ought to formally announce my move. Drexel University is one of Philadelphia’s major research universities. Although it was traditionally known for its technical and engineering programs, the school has expanded its scope in recent years. Among other things, it now includes the country’s largest private medical school.

Right now the law school has seven faculty members – four hired laterally and three at the entry level. We expect our entering class to include between 60 and 120 students. One of the most notable recent developments is that Judge Lou Pollack (formerly of Penn and Yale law schools) has agreed to chair the law school’s Board of Visitors. There is something exciting and terrifying about creating a new law school from the ground up. I hope to share a bit of my experience working in a law school start-up. But you’ll have to pardon me if I periodically find myself puffing about Drexel.

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3 Responses

  1. cheesesteak says:

    Yo, welcome back to town. Sorry about the housing prices.

  2. Matt says:

    Congrats! As someone thinking about the teaching market, I find Drexel and the other recent startup schools very interesting. I’d be interested to hear more about your experiences next year.

  3. David Zaring says:

    Let me also add my congratulations. We don’t have nearly enough law schools in this country – delighted that you’ll be behind the start of another one.