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newspaper1a.jpgJay Rosen and his journalism class ranked the best blogging by newspapers. They looked at blogs at the top 100 largest daily newspapers. They used eight factors in their evaluation: ease-of-use and clear navigation; currency (how often the posts were updated); quality of writing, thinking and linking (whether they were written in a blog style and whether they linked beyond their own domains); voice (a personal “captivating” voice, a point of view); comments and reader participation; range and originality; having a page where all newspaper blogs could be accessed and an explanation for what the paper hoped to achieve by blogging; commitment (have permalinks, categories, archives, RSS).


1. Houston Chronicle

2. Washington Post

3. USA Today

4. St. Petersburg Times

5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

6. San Antonio Express-News

They called the Houston Chronicle the “runaway choice for top blogging newspaper,” and one rater observed:

“This had pretty much everything I was looking for,” wrote Jessing-Butz. “It’s very evident that people read these; they comment on them. The page is easy to find and easy on the eyes. The writing is fun and clear. ” Krase: “The Chronicle makes access to archived blogs easy.”

Basically, it seems to me that many of the criteria boil down to whether a newspaper is creating a real blog or whether it is just creating something that seems like a blog but that is really just a half-hearted effort that doesn’t offer many of the features of blogs (comments, categories) or that doesn’t follow blogospheric norms (linking outside one’s site).

They also produced an interesting chart of the Top 100 newspapers and their blogs. Some other interesting facts:

* 86 out of 100 have blogs.

* Several have numerous blogs. The NJ Star Ledger has about 50 blogs; the Atlanta Journal Constitution has 47 blogs; the Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) has over 40 blogs.

* Wall St. Journal – 1 blog; New York Times — 3 blogs; Washington Post — 23 blogs.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the Houston Chronicle’s blogs. They’re doing a great job. I might have even ranked the SA Express News a little higher.