A Sick Feeling In My Stomach

This morning I was poking around, trying to discover what recent web searches had brought readers to our site. I noticed someone had visited my earlier post, Execution By Overdose, so I tried to discover what had directed them to Co-Op. It turned out that the reader had been searching Google for “overdose painless.” Discovering this inquiry made me instantly anxious and sick. Of course, I have no idea what motivated the reader. Maybe he or she was also troubled by the implications of state administered overdoses. But, like many others, I have lost people close to me to self-inflicted wounds. If our reader was seeking such an exit, I hope he or she will think long and hard about the choice. An overdose, I’m afraid, is never truly painless.

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1 Response

  1. Jack says:

    Probably a writer or someone with macabre but harmless interests. I hope.