The Enron Trial Stinks

chocolat.jpgI really can’t believe I beat Christine Hurt to this nugget.

According to the indispensable Enron Trial Blog, Friday’s proceedings were interrupted by a five minute break called by Judge Lake. Although the audience were told there were scheduling problems, in fact:

[T}hat five minutes was so Skilling’s lawyer Daniel Petrocelli could scrub off his cologne. Apparently a juror in the front row found it overwhelming during his cross-examination of witness Mark Koenig this morning. She said she was gagging from the scent. She felt strongly enough to ask the court for an attorney fragrance correction.

The cologne allegedly was Chocolat. And Matt Bodie thought this would be an uninteresting trial!

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1 Response

  1. It just seemed too easy! Note that this attorney is from California, not from Texas. Perhaps he has a gold chain bracelet that was blinding the jury.