Suckering in New Collectors

The WSJ (free version) has a great article today on efforts made by collectors to try to maintain the market value of their goods by reducing costs for young entrants. Here is a taste

If new generations of collectors don’t materialize, the value of items will plummet. That’s why marble clubs, to generate enthusiasm, send free marbles to schools. The U.S. Mint has a Web site with cartoons and computer games to entertain kids about the thrills of coin-collecting. Indeed, children have shown considerable interest in the state quarters program . . . Some collecting groups have created unstated policies. The 650-member National Milk Glass Collectors Society — a group devoted to opaque glass — holds an annual auction. When the rare young person shows up to bid on an item, older collectors lower their hands. “We back off and let the young person buy it. We want them to add to their collections,” says Bart Gardner, the group’s past president.

Worth reading in full, if only to learn what the Oughtred Society does.

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