Law School Lateral Hiring Report

Brian Leiter has been very helpful in sharing information about lateral moves by law faculty. Due to time constraints, however, he is limiting his list only to faculty moving to/from schools that figure in his faculty rankings. Since many of us want to learn about ALL faculty moves, Concurring Opinions has decided to emulate Professor Solum’s Entry Level Hiring Reports. As a public service, we – OK, I, Dan Filler, the new kid on the blog (and no, this assignment is not part of normal Co-op hazing) – will collect all your news about law school lateral movement.

Let me know:

Current School

Future School

Teaching Areas

Current Law School Webpage Address

Any Other Details (chair or administrative titles, etc.)

If you have heard of others’ moves, feel free to alert me to those as well. I’ll double check before posting.

Please send this information to

I’ll post results shortly, and update as necessary.

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1 Response

  1. Leaving the visitorship circuit (George Washington this year) and moving to a tenure track job at Florida Coastal.