John Paul Stevens In Picture And Song

stevens1a.jpg premises_stevenshotel.jpg

If you haven’t heard this Air America spoof of Hang on Sloopy – retitled Hang on Stevens – it’s worth a click. I can’t imagine that Stevens, a Republican (OK, a Hyde Park Republican, but still…) would have predicted this fate 30 years ago.

And if you haven’t yet seen this wonderful childhood photo of the Justice at his dad’s hotel (known, eponymously, as The Stevens, but since transformed first into the Conrad Hilton, and later the Hilton Chicago, and shown at right) take a look. According to this article, he’s the kid on the left.

UPDATE: It seems that you can’t create a permanent link to the photo. To see an enlarged version go here and search keywords for “Stevens Hotel Two Boys”. The photo is entitled “two young boys playing a games, sitting at a small table in a playroom at the Stevens Hotel.” But the picture actually has three boys, and the aformentioned descriptive sentence actually has a grammatical error.

UPDATE 2: I’ve altered the pictures so that everyone can now see both the kid-pic and the hotel.

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5 Responses

  1. David Bernstein says:

    When I was in law school 1990, the students at the “Yale Law Revue” sang “Hang on Thurgood” to the same tune. The lyrics I remember were “you’re old, you’re fat, you’re overweight.” And I remember the song was substantially funnier than this one. So no points for originality, and not much for humor, either.

  2. Orin Kerr says:

    Yes, David, but I’ll bet they used to sing “Hang on Douglas” back in the Nixon years.

  3. Alfred L. Brophy says:

    Originality? When you spoof an oldie, originality’s probably not what you’re shooting for. But humor. Now that’s in the ear of the beholder.

  4. SCOTUSblog says:

    Blog Round-Up – Saturday, February 25th

    At 6:30pm on Wednesday March 1st, The American Constitution Society is hosting a panel discussion titled: “The Advocates Speak: Texas Redistricting Cases.” The cases are League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry, 05-204; Travis County v. Perry,…

  5. Baba Yaga Kostianaya Noga says:

    Your title sounds way, WAY too much like a memorial. I got so queasy I was on the verge of throwing up until I realized he didn’t die. Seriously.