It’s February 27. Do you know where your Articles Committee is?

Colleagues are talking about it in the hallway. How many boards have switched over? Where exactly are the windows, and when exactly is the “sweet spot” for sending a piece out?

I’m hoping to solicit some responses from our readers, in the comments to this post, to help provide our readers with the information that may help them answer those questions. Are you affiliated with a law review? Has your board turned over? If so, please indicate this in the comments. If enough readers comment, we may be able to collect some useful information. (I believe this could be useful both for the authors, who will send their pieces out at the best time, and for the editors, who will hopefully see fewer premature articles).

Details — “the West Dakota Law Review board turns over on March 1” — are particularly appreciated. Thanks!

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40 Responses

  1. Kaimi says:

    I’ll start out with one piece of information – according to an e-mail verification from yesterday, the Notre Dame board just turned over.

  2. Dave Hoffman says:

    Let’s see.

    Duke is to turn over on Wednesday; Fordham isn’t accepting submissions until March 20; Columbia isn’t accepting until the beginning of March;

    NYU is “in the middle of a board transition” (as of today); most other places seem to be willing to taking pieces & expedites as usual.

  3. Anthony says:

    Here’s what I have. Sources are personal contacts and/or emails from the journal after sending in a submission this past week:

    Boston College LRev, Charleston LRev, Florida State LRev, Kansas LRev, Penn LRev, Penn JLEL, Northwestern LRev, Penn JIEL, Suffolk JHBL, University of Illinois LRev, Western State University LRev, Yale Journal on Regulation, Yale Law Journal: turned over, or are otherwise accepting/rejecting/expediting submissions

    California Western LRev: submit in April

    Chapman LRev: submit after 3/20

    Fordham LRev: submit after 3/20

    Gonzaga LRev: submit after 3/25

    Nevada Law Journal: submit after 3/20

    Penn Con Law: not yet turned over, but should be very soon

    Pepperdine Law Review: submit after 3/15

    Tennessee Law Review: submit after 4/1

    Villanova Law Review: submit after 3/15

    WUSTL Quarterly: submit after 3/20

    West Virginia LRev: submit after 4/1

    Widener LRev: submit after 9/1

    Willamette LRev: submit after 6/1

    Tons of other journals (too many to name) who have not acknowledged receipt of my submission.

  4. Anthony says:

    Update: just got an email from WUSTL Quarterly saying the earlier email about not accepting submissions until late March was a communication mishap, and the journal is taking submissions now and evaluating them.

  5. Alfred L. Brophy says:

    The Alabama Law Review is making offers and taking expedite requests.

    Tulane will begin reviewing in mid-March.

  6. Anthony says:

    A few more from this evening: American University LRev, Hamline LRev, and BYU Education & Law Journal are accepting/rejecting/expediting.

  7. jurisprude says:

    George Washington Law Review just turned over.

  8. 2L says:

    Arizona Law Review board just turned over.

  9. David Mader says:

    Dunno if I’m breaking protocol here, but Texas Law Review is in the process of turning over, and the new articles office is reading submissions.

  10. HLS Student says:

    Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy turns over March 13.

  11. Aaron says:

    University of Miami Business Law Review – April 1st; no idea about submission acceptance, etc.

  12. Laura Alexander says:

    The Georgetown Law Review board has turned over, and is currently reviewing submissions.

  13. Eric Muller says:

    The North Carolina Law Review board has just turned over. Not sure if they’re reading yet, but they’ve been appointed.

  14. ML says:

    SMU Law Review turns over April 2.

  15. BAP says:

    Washburn Law Journal–Feb. 23

  16. JH says:

    The Drake Law Review chose a new board on February 18 and is reviewing submissions.

  17. Robert Allen says:

    Houston Law Review turned over Feb. 18 and is reviewing submissions.

  18. Peter Kamarchik says:

    North Carolina Central University turns over March 1.

  19. JT says:

    Emory L.J. turns over March 7

  20. Megan says:

    Minn. L. Rev. has turned over and is reviewing submissions, taking expedite requests, and making offers.

  21. Alex says:

    NYU Law Review has chosen its new board and is accepting submissions.

  22. DK says:

    BU Law Review chooses a new board tonight (2/28)

  23. Dave Hoffman says:

    Columbia just turned over.

    Michigan is on winter break until March 6. (A commentator at Volokh says that they are currently reading, but it wasn’t sourced.)

  24. keith says:

    Arizona State; March 1.

  25. Wm & Mary L Rev says:

    WILLIAM AND MARY LAW REVIEW is reading/accepting/rejecting.

  26. BK says:

    Fordham’s board elections are this week, the new board will be in place by the week of 3/6 but not up to speed for a week or two after that.

  27. Temple Law Review says:

    Temple Law Review just announced the new ed board yesterday; board transitions take place throughout the semester.

  28. ILP says:

    The Hastings Law Journal has turned over and is reviewing submissions.

  29. Cornell Law Student. says:

    Cornell Law Review, International Law Journal, and the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy have all turned over.

  30. Kaimi says:

    Thank you all for your comments thus far.

    Unless I’ve miscounted, the current tally stands at:

    18 boards that have not yet turned over (but will in the next week or next few weeks).

    34 that have turned over.

    (I wasn’t sure how to categorize NYU, where conflicting responses were posted, or Temple, where the response was not a clear yes or no).

    If that pattern holds, I would conclude that the optimal time for law review submission is right now.

  31. WUSTL Articles says:

    Washington University Law Review (formerly known as the Law Quarterly) is accepting submissions currently. The March 20th date was sent out in error. Our board turns over this week. Thanks for the forum.

  32. jeff says:

    Univ. of Cincinnati L. Rev. starts turnover on March 1.

  33. wahoo says:

    The University of Virginia Law Review’s board just turned over and will be pooling pieces over spring break (March 6-10).

  34. recentgrad says:

    So is the unanimous consensus that “right away” is the sweet spot?

    When I was on the Georgetown L.J.–recently, but not so recently that I can speak to the current board–I’m pretty sure we continued to review articles for some months. (In fact, I’m pretty sure we saved some slots for an explicit summer round.)

    Might people be overestimating the importance of submitting now, rather than either (1) a random point in the spring, or even (2) a random point in the year, other than maybe October-February?

    (I’m not sure they are–I wasn’t on the articles committee and knew only Geo. L.J. anyway–but I’m worried that “March Madness” is both a bad idea and a little less necessary than folks think.)


  35. washerdreyer says:

    The person posting as Alex is presumably our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, and therefore knows of what he speaks, if you’re still trying to figure out how to classify NYU.

  36. Dave Hoffman says:

    This notice comes from the BU Law Review website: “The new Board will be elected on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and we will begin accepting expedited review requests on Monday, Mar. 13.”

  37. Anthony says:

    Some more updates:

    St.Mary’s Law Journal, Oklahoma City University Law Review, NYU Review of Law & Social Change, Lewis & Clark Law Review, Roger Williams Law Review, Missouri Law Review, BYU Journal of Public Law: are taking submissions and accepting/rejecting/expediting

    Utah Law Review: not taking submissions until May 1

  38. editor says:


    Perhaps the reason that some journals are taking so long to get back to you is that they are considering whether they want to be associated with you since you run a racist/anti-Semitic/sexist and generally abusive message board that is an embarrassment to the profession.


    PS for those who don’t know about Anthony’s message board, check out Just search for your favorite epithet and you’ll see what many law students know about Mr. Ciolli.

  39. UCLA says:

    Actually, you need to go to, click through to the “Law” message board and then click on “expert mode” to see the really bad racist stuff. Brian Leiter exposed this a year ago:

    The sad thing is that it seems Anthony Ciolli’s racist message board is just becoming more popular with law students and law school applicants over time. It seems he and his website are on the cutting-edge of the re-mainstreaming of overt racism in the legal profession.

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