Good Morning!

First of all, thanks to Dan, Dave & Kaimi for inviting me to visit for a short while. I gave Dan a picture that featured my whole family (I’m the female in the green shirt) because Kate Litvak once told me that I should rent out my adorable children to political candidates. The mid-term elections are coming up, so would-be Senators or Govs (no Reps, please) can feel free to explore the possibilities. Have seersucker short pants, will travel.

My blog home is Conglomerate, and I post over there on things corporate and things not-so corporate with Gordon Smith and Vic Fleischer. This week, we have Lisa Fairfax taking our blog for a spin, so go over and check it out. The main corporate topic that has my attention this month is the Enron trial in Houston, which is just starting Week #2 this morning. I will keep all of my Enron thoughts over at the Glom, but as you can see from last week (here, here and here), my thoughts runneth over. That being said, I’m looking forward to stretching my legs over here and blogging a little off-topic for a change. I teach a couple of classes today at my day job at Marquette, but I’ll be back to chat a little later.

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1 Response

  1. Dave Hoffman says:

    Christine, welcome!

    You say (on Glom) the visit will be like “Brooke Shields guesting on Friends.” Didn’t that episode feature her as a stalker who thought that Joey really was a doctor? If so, just to warn you, Dan S. really is a law professor 🙂

    Actually, I think of guest visits are much more like the Simpson’s episode featuring Poochie.