ExpressO and the “March Window”

Thanks to everyone for letting me hang out here for a couple of weeks. I’ve had a great time, but I have to get back to my normally scheduled duties of teaching and blogging at the Glom. This week, I will join the hordes of others who will send out an article for submission. I still call this time of the year the “March Window,” even though others have told me the emprical studies show that the actual window is between February 15 and February 24. So, just as I still “dial” telephone numbers and “turn” the TV channels, I guess I still send out in the March Window.

I will also be in good company sending out my article using ExpressO. I experimented with ExpressO in August, like Dan, and submitted to some schools by mail and some electronically. I am a Word Perfect user, and ExpressO’s services are much more limited if you submit a paper in Word Perfect. For this short article, I used Word so that I could keep my transaction costs of send-out lower. This way, I’ll be able to send out exclusively via ExpressO. I’ve said before that I don’t understand why ExpressO is not based on pdf, like SSRN is. Using pdf seems like an intelligent choice for both senders and receivers; the format protects integrity, and any recipient without Adobe reader can downloand it for free. Oh, well. Probably by next January, when I’m sending out in the August window, the system will have changed!

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3 Responses

  1. Alfred L. Brophy says:

    February 15 to 24? Now, that’s what I call precision!

  2. Mark McKenna says:

    I keep hearing that the “empirical studies” show that the window is in February, but my experience last year was to the contrary. I submitted the last week of February and a large number of journals weren’t able to review it for some time because their boards hadn’t rolled over or they were waiting until after spring break. I had a few offers very quickly and then had a lot of trouble trying to get expedited reviews because of this. So, despite the “empirical” evidence, I’m holding mine another week or two this year.

  3. The problem with timing the window is that it changes every year. Journals all have different times in which they slate new boards, and sometimes journals might vary it from year to year. Thus, there is no perfect time for the “March” window. I typically send out my pieces around the last week of February. But I bet you’re safe sending out a few weeks later.