We’re Number 8!

Opinio Juris lists law blogs by traffic, and we’re number 8. Woohoo! A mere three months back, the blog was unranked in the most emphatic way — we didn’t even exist. Now the Co-Op is number 8.

Barriers to entry, we laugh at you. Hah!

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4 Responses

  1. Kaimi — Contain thyself! Save the excitement for when we surpass the Volokh Conspiracy . . . hopefully later this year . . . 🙂

  2. Law Student '06 says:

    It seems as though corrections have pushed Concurring Opinions down to number 10, but that is still impressive for a relatively new blog!

  3. Gaius Arbo says:

    You mean there’s hope for my little blog?

  4. Kaimi says:

    Alas, later additions bumped us to #10. But if TTLB’s rankings included our Instalanche from yesterday, we’d be at #7. (Yay!)

    Which is to say, that these things are very, very fluid.