Thanks, Jennifer Aniston (or the Manifold Ways to Do the Same Search)

jennifer-aniston1a.jpgOne of my more popular posts is one entitled Jennifer Aniston Nude Photos and the Anti-Paparazzi Act. It seems to be getting a lot of readers interested in learning about the workings of the Anti-Paparazzi Act and the law of information privacy. It sure is surprising that so many readers are eager to understand this rather technical statute.

Anyway, for the small part that Jennifer Aniston plays in this, we thank her for the traffic.

In looking through my Site Meter stats, I’m particularly fascinated to learn about how many different ways the search can be done. Here are some of the search terms readers of the post used to locate it:

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But some searches are much more direct and to the point:

nude aniston

aniston nude

There’s a beauty to these last two searches, so stripped down to the essentials. There’s just nothing but the nude Aniston – no surplussage, no wasted verbosity. It represents the mastery of the search, done with a magnificent efficiency, the product of minds capable of thought so direct and unencumbered that it is graceful and elegant.

I hope that all the folks doing these searches and reading our post don’t come away disappointed. After all, the post has no nude pictures of Jennifer. I like to think that perhaps readers originally were searching for nude pictures of Jennifer, but then discovered my post, which inspired their intellect with the fascinating legal issues in the case. Yeah . . . that’s about right.

Anyway, all hits on Site Meter are created equal. Thanks for that, and thanks to Jennifer.

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  1. About Anonymity

    About anonymous blog commenting: I came across this entry at Disarranging Mine. I made a bit of a crack about spammers there but I wonder if some of the interpretations I

  2. Matt Bodie says:

    Ah, very clever. Don’t suppose this post will draw new searchers, do you?