Signing Off

Thank you, Dan, for inviting me to guest blog over the past few weeks. Thank you, readers, for keeping me honest.

Signing Off

Well, it looks like my guest slot time is now up. So I’d like to thank Dan Solove and the rest of the Concurring Opinions bloggers for inviting me to hang my hat here over the holidays. This has been a great introduction for me to the “blawgosphere,” and it has been fun taking part in the opinionated conversations. You might not know this, but Dan, in addition to being a prominent legal scholar and writer of consistently thoughtful posts on CO, is really a fantastic and well-organized host to guest bloggers.

In retrospect, I’ll count it among my achievements here that I helped give critical mass to the new Wiki category of posts — and thanks to all the commenters here for all your thoughts. Good luck to the Concurring Opinions collective in 2006 — may you continue to ascend the Technorati rankings!

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks, Jason, for your very provocative and interesting posts. You were terrific.