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3 Responses

  1. Jerry Keck says:

    I do not understand the title line nor why it is frightening (seriously)? I have had the color detailed version of this graphic, with the title “The Evolution of Man”, as my desktop wallpaper for years. As an IT person, I think it may be just one accurate depiction of history to this point, (but it is not the endpoint). I have to ask, WHAT went wrong, and WHY is it frightening? Perhaps my rose colored glasses see the humor in things versus the dark side…

  2. Jerry, I think you misunderstood my post. There is nothing on the shirt to suggest “bloggers,” but I thought it would be funny as applied to bloggers. And the post is archived in the “humor” category — the very point of my post is to make a joke.

  3. Chris Beck says:

    Daniel, it is not obvious what category the article is archived in, neither from reading the site via RSS, nor by reading a direct link to the article, nor even by browsing the front page of the blog. Not trying to make a conclusions re: sarcasm or humour one way or the other, just mentioning it.