Ribstein Is Back

Larry Ribstein has returned to his roost at Ideoblog, and is posting about the race to bottom regulatory competition in the market for securities regulation. For those of our readers who may be uninterested in that topic, he’s also writing about how to reduce the deadweight loss produced by Christmas (and presumably other seasonally related holidays.)

Larry’s guest bloggers have been provocative and interesting, and it is worth checking out what’s happened at the blog over the last few weeks. Kate Litvak’s post on racism, golf and boating was my personal favorite. I hear that most of those folks will soon be starting a new blog called Truth On The Market, which I’m sure I will enjoy, and disagree with, often.

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1 Response

  1. The deadweight loss of Christmas

    You have to love a paper entitled

    The Deadweight Loss Of Christmas. It is further proof of why microeconomists

    are the world’s favorite people.

    (Via Ideoblog, by way of Concurring Opinions)