Ann Coulter: Come to Tuscaloosa


Thanks to one of my star students, Lee Birchall–a man with a degree from Dartmouth and a varsity athlete there who’s now on the Alabama Law Review (look for a great article on golf law as a measure of American society coming soon to a law journal near you)–there are yet more phrases for the Ann Coulter talking doll! This time, it’s “I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am.”

Lee’s a big fan of Ms. Coulter. After reading about her speech at the University of Connecticut, he’s starting a move to get her to speak at UA. I know she’ll get a warmer reception here than at U.Conn, at least if you can judge from the reception that Phyllis Schlafly received last spring at UA. And the good news is that he’s offered to serve as her social host.

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5 Responses

  1. Ethan McDaniel says:

    I’m Lee’s roomate. He loves Ms. Coulter and talks on and on about her every night. His walls are clad with risque shots of her, and he won’t stop watching Fox News. It’s scary, really scary.

  2. John Armstrong says:

    So when liberal-leaning professors suggest that the liberal lean in academia might be due to the fact that smarter people lean liberal it’s oppression and curtailing of academic freedom, but when Ann Coulter explicitly says that a liberal-leaning group is “stupider than [she is]”, it’s to be celebrated?

    I mean, I’m just trying to figure out the ground rules here.

  3. Steven Adler says:

    I’ve known Ann Coulter on and mostly off for aboout 15 years. On TV, she looks cold and aristocratic. In her books and articles, she speaks with a voice that is shrill and sarcastic. In person, she’s engaging, warm, and outrageously funny.

    She may be in danger of becoming a caricature of herself, but I respect her chutzpah for getting up on stage and speaking her mind about important issues, often knowingly confronting audiences with opposing views. There are few things she says that I agree with, but I still like watching her try to take on the world… even though she’s dead wrong most of the time.

  4. FXKLM says:

    She didn’t necessarily say that liberals were stupid. She said that a pack of undergraduate hecklers were stupid. That doesn’t strike me as a very controversial position.

  5. John Armstrong says:

    FXKLM: The reporting I’ve seen doesn’t make it clear at all what her referent was. If you’ve got a transcript that makes clear she was talking about this particular group rather than people who disagree in general (which would be in line with earlier Coulter comments), I’d love to see it and have it on the record.